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Itasca Grape

The fifth cold-hardy grape introduced by the University of Minnesota is the first with sufficiently low acidity and high sugar levels to produce high quality, dry white wine. A cross between Frontenac Gris and MN1285, Itasca will appeal to both amateur and professional winemakers for its manageable growth habit, hardiness, and resistance to common pests and diseases such as phylloxera and powdery mildew. Clusters of moderately compact golden fruit ripen by mid to late September. The wine Itasca produces can be described as clean and pleasant with a long finish. It features pear, quince, violet, and melon aromas with subtle floral, honey, and mineral notes.

  • Vitis 'Itasca' PP29,847

    Height: Varies

    Spread: Varies

    Exposure: Sun

    Zone: 4-8

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